Product owner

Full Time
We’re looking for experienced Product owner to join our team!

✔️ Experience as Product Owner 3+ years .
✔️ Experience in creating and maintaining the Product Backlog.
✔️ Experience in prioritize the features in the Backlog before Sprint.
✔️ Experience in helping the Scrum Master organize Sprint Review Meetings.
✔️ Look out for market trends and get feedback from stakeholders or customers.
✔️ Be ready to build and maintain a relationship with the stakeholders.
✔️ Experience in market research.
✔️ Experience in defining and tracking product metrics.
✔️ Have a product vision.
✔️ Constantly re-prioritizes the Product Backlog.
✔️ Experience in working with requirements.
✔️ Experience in market strategy and execution.

Duties and opportunities

✔️ Participate in Planning. The product owner is a key participant in planning activities at the portfolio, product, release, and sprint levels
✔️ Groom the Product Backlog. Ensure that product backlog items are continuously created, refined, estimated, and prioritized
✔️ Define and Verify Acceptance Criteria. Define the conditions under which the product owner would be satisfied that the requirements have been met for each product backlog item
✔️ Collaborate with the Development Team. To enable fast, frequent feedback, the product owner is engaged and
committed to working with the development team on a daily basis
✔️ Collaborate with the Stakeholders. The product owner works with the entire stakeholder community—both internal and external—to gather input and synthesize a coherent vision for the product
✔️ Manage Economics. Ensure that good economics decisions are continuously being made at the release, sprint and product backlog levels

✅ We offer:
✔️Learning and development opportunities and interesting challenging tasks;
✔️Official employment in accordance with the laws of Cyprus and the EU, registration of family members;
✔️Relocation package (tickets, staying in hotel for 2 weeks);
✔️Company fitness corner in the office for employees;
✔️Opportunity to develop language skills and partial compensation for the cost of language classes;
✔️Birthday celebration present;
✔️Time for proper rest and 24 working days of Annual Vacation;
✔️Breakfasts and lunches in the office (partially paid by the company).

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