What we offer

Here at BrainRocket, we have been fine-tuning how we do things so that our employees can benefit from our extensive proficiency and knowledge. We advocate for employing the best individual for each vacancy while affirming that appointing is guided in a way that is straightforward, stable, and adequate.

Apart from that, we provide our team the possibility to amplify their functions while also locking on sensitivity and fairness to all personnel. Our aim is to appoint all staff with an ambitious and gripping learning environment and incentivize candidness, dialogue exchange, and commentary so we can progress and steadily polish up what we do.

At BrainRocket, we put all our trust in a work culture where diversity is crucial and persons are appreciated, cherished, and know that they are important. We have over 500 driven members who are ecstatic to work with us as we truly take their wellness, soundness, and advancement firmly. All being said, we put forward a great collection of perks and benefits for our people which are:

Environment-friendly new office space in a lively Limassol area
Cost-free hot drinks for the whole of your working day
Breakfast and lunch buffet in our own restaurant
Optimum Welcome Kit with the prime high-end gear
Assistance with visas and family/partners relocation
Sports tournaments and team-building events every week
Theme parties, social gatherings, and adventurous trips
Assistance with work permits and Visas
24/7 BrainRocket support available for any queries
Opportunities to further your knowledge at master education, lessons, and exhibitions
Private language classes to expand your communication skills
Never-ending professional growth