Frontend Development basics

An offline HTML and CSS course for beginners.

Learn to code and start your way to a booming IT profession with great career opportunities. Dive into the world of web development under the careful guidance of an experienced mentor and get a chance to intern at BrainRocket.

Price €999  
13 offline classes  
Focus on practice with the mentor
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is the course for?

We designed the program suitable for a person with any level of coding knowledge. The most important things to complete our course are your motivation, ability to analyze, and dedication. Coding has no secrets — it is a skill anyone of any age can acquire.

How will the classes go?
Each class lasts for 2 academic hours with a short break between.
You will get all the theoretical knowledge on live lessons and discover basic working processes with the mentor.
You must have a laptop to do practical exercises in class or at home (a device able to work 2 hours without charging).
You will receive homework after each class. The mentor will review it and provide detailed feedback.
Before graduation, you will complete the final test task to develop your website.
The best alums could intern at BrainRocket and get a chance to receive a job offer.


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Lesson 1
How the internet and browser work

Lesson 2
Version control: GIT

Lesson 3
Markup with semantic HTML

Lesson 4
Basics of CSS Syntax

Lesson 5
Images on the Web

About the Mentor

Hello! I am Elizaveta Pak, a frontend developer with 8 years of work experience and 6 years of mentoring experience. I have taught the basics of markup and frontend to dozens of children and adults at major online and offline schools. During this time, I have developed my own teaching methods that maintain student motivation and help them acquire a new profession.

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