QA for Beginners

An offline course on software quality assurance basics. 

Learn one of the most in-demand IT professions from scratch in 6 weeks. Gain all the necessary knowledge and chance to get an internship offer at BrainRocket.

Price €600  
Duration 6 weeks
Classes 2 times a week
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About the Course

We designed the program for people wanting to start their IT journey. It’s a series of theoretical and practical tasks that cover all the necessary knowledge for beginners in software testing. The course will be led by the BrainRocket Head of QA, who manages an entire team of testers and knows what skills will be helpful. The best students will get an opportunity to intern at BrainRocket and receive a job offer.

Offline classes with live communication. 
The profession first steps with a skilled mentor.
The focus is on the practical part.
How will the classes go?
You will discover all the QA theoretical aspects with the live lectures.
After each lecture, you will get the practical homework.
You will work on real projects with Jira bug-tracking system.
The mentor will review each homework assignment and provide detailed feedback.
At the end of the course, you will complete the final test assignment.
You will receive a certificate upon course completion, and the best alums will intern at BrainRocket.


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Lesson 1
Introduction to Software Testing

Lesson 2
Bugs: Description and Structure of Defects

Lesson 3
Bugs: Rules for Assigning Severity. Jira Defect Management System

Lesson 4
Bugs: Defect Life Cycle

Lesson 5
Test Activities. Basics of Test Strategy

About the Mentor

I'm Anastasiya Krylova, the QA Head at BrainRocket. I've been working in the field of testing for 13 years, and for the most part of this time, I've been training QA engineers. I've hosted a lot of courses both online and offline, to guide beginners through the ropes of QA tools, methods, and the coolest industry profession. I have trained over 500+ QA engineers around the world. My teaching approach is focused on building a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge and developing critical thinking necessary for a successful QA career.

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