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Want to Join BRO?

Landing in a new place is always exciting. We will help you make the first step confidently.

Relocation for you, family and pets

Tickets, transfers and hotels

Visas and permits

Help with a settlement

Assistance in adaption

24/7 BRO support

Relocation with BRO

Relocation with BRO
About Us
Some Legal Items

We’ll need some documents to land you in Cyprus and make you a real BRO.

Certificate of good
Previous jobs
Your Passport, Driver's License or ID card
Your CV/Portfolio
education diploma
simple medical tests

This is a pretty long list of documents but not to worry, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Living in Cyprus
Living in Cyprus
Living in Cyprus
What is it like living in Cyprus?

Check out our quick guide on living in Limassol and keeping your usual lifestyle here.

You will find all of the typical services like food deliveries, taxi apps, gyms, and more, all for your convenience.
Large IT community
Limassol is one of the largest IT-focused places in Europe. Here you will meet many like-minded people and you will also get a chance to visit professional conventions or meetups.
Friendly neighborhood
You can easily make friends, practice foreign languages here and immerse  yourself in a multicultural environment.
Breathtaking landscapes
Try to climb the highest mountain or just relax a bit while sunbathing on the beach. You will find many beautiful places with gorgeous Instagram views.