BrainRocket knows how important it is to give back to the community. So we joined forces with Yes To Life for a complete revamp of Agios Neophytos High School’s creative media room.We have taken this to the next level - equipment included! Starting off with a design makeover, it was given a new coat of paint on the walls, some modern cabinetry, and brand new roller blinds.Then we decked it out with all the equipment the students will need, including some breezy air conditioners, a large whiteboard, a state-of-the-art projector, and a Lenovo computer for each desk.

Now the students can use this room to have all sorts of educational ventures, including workshops, lectures, screenings and much more.We would like to thank Yes To Life for inspiring and supervising this room renovation. Everyone at BrainRocket is so thrilled to have contributed in this way. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!