BrainRocket successfully concluded its third in-house blood donation drive, reiterating its commitment to corporate social responsibility. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the event took place on August 3d and 4th, in line with the company's pledge to host these life-saving initiatives twice a year.

Over 70 BrainRocket employees participated in the donation held in BrainRocket’s office. They collected more than 35 liters of blood, covering a whole day of hospital needs. 

Beyond blood donation, BrainRocket also fostered an alliance with the KARAISKAKIO FOUNDATION, offering those who couldn't donate blood the chance to become bone marrow donors.

BrainRocket’s Marina Vasileiou, CSR Manager, had this to say: Today, we are sending deep appreciation to our BRO Blood Donors and Bone Marrow Donors who play a crucial role in providing hope and healing to those in need. The compassion and bravery of our colleagues are truly remarkable.

“Best wishes to all of you, your selfless act of giving is a true testament of our corporate culture.”