Today’s unpredictable and fast-paced corporate world makes work-life balance a challenging task.

So, to bring about this balance, there should be more activity and outdoor exercise. As studies show, physical activity and spending time outdoors generate hormones that help you feel more positive and joyful.

At BrainRocket, we support discovering the proper balance and enforcing it in your work style. Such is the case of Iaroslav Druzhinin, BRO’s 2D/3D artist.

He has sat down with us to discuss his role in the company, hobbies, and interests while proving how essential the work-life balance actually is.

1. Tell us more about yourself and what you like to do in your free time?

I have been a 2D/3D artist for 7 years, previously having worked as a designer. My role  at BrainRocket is challenging yet thrilling, as I am developing all the time by learning different tools and applications. In my free time, I enjoy trying out different sports activities such as running, hiking, traveling, and walking. During these exciting ventures, I revel in taking photos of the breathtaking views I get to see each time, and then I share them on my Instagram account for others to delight in them just as much I do. Currently, I live in Cyprus, where I take full advantage of the pleasant weather and climate to participate in various outdoor activities.

2. Explain your everyday work responsibilities at BrainRocket.

At Brain Rocket, I work in the start-up department, which suits me excellently. I have worked in mobile game development and performance marketing, so I am able to fully apply my previous experience in this role. My everyday work duties involve illustrating and developing concepts to support production. Moreover, the role includes formulating creative ideas and effectively producing top-quality art assets, which I dearly enjoy.

3. What do you do in your spare time to extend your work skills?

Currently, I am focusing on expanding my skills within the UI/UX design direction, Figma, and product design. Generally, my plan is to broaden my knowledge in these areas, knowing it would benefit my career immensely. My previous expertise in marketing and mobile game development, besides my knowledge of various programs, will enable me to realize any visual idea and take it to the next level.

4. What is the best way for you to keep up-to-date with the industry trends?

Working in advertising, I have continuously studied the mobile applications market, new ways of advertising, and new applications to implement in advertising companies. Moreover, the industry I work within has blogs, web journals, and e-newsletters that disclose the freshest reports, news, and trends. So, I would say that these are the best ways to keep up-to-date and stay trendy.

5. Does your role include more team work or individual work?

My role includes working within the team, as well as plenty of individual work. BrainRocket has helped me realize that teamwork, learning from the senior experts, and bringing various perspectives together to develop the most favorable outcome is the heart and soul of our department.

6. How do you keep track of your everyday tasks?

I enjoy brainstorming, and I study the process of generating different ideas. In our department, we try to set up crystal clear OKRs and roadmaps to plan our tasks. That allows us to manage our time efficiently, coordinate, and combine with corporate goals. Moreover, our productivity is increased by focusing on the objectives by tracking regular progress towards such.

7. Tell us more about your recent experience at the Rome Marathon.

I value time, and I perceive its significance - after all, I recently ran over 4 hours nonstop in the Rome Marathon. I have to say that planning and preparation are very significant for running. That was my second marathon, but because of a recent injury, I did not present top results. Nevertheless, I showed up, didn’t give up, and managed to do it. Frankly, I would recommend everyone to run as it helps you create this healthy work-life balance and maintain an active lifestyle. As for me, I run almost every day - and it makes me a more joyful person.