This year we collaborated with STUDY.UA for a charity project to provide Ukrainian children with a year of subsidized education in Limassol, Cyprus. BrainRocket allocated 50 grants to help further the education of children forced to leave Ukraine. These children now receive a quality education, both in Ukrainian and English, at the STUDY.UA Lyceum in Limassol.

We still care about our young students and are eager to create even more vibrant moments for them. That’s why we decided to organize a big Christmas party on the 27th of December and bring an unforgettable holiday gift for these children in association with BRO Social Club.

BRO Social Club is home to acting and dancing studios, a science club, and many more classes for kids of all ages. We asked our kids to create something special for their young friends. At least, who understands kids better than other kids? 

Each Social Club studio prepared its part for a big holiday show.

The acting and dance studios performed an immersive play inviting STUDY.UA students into a Christmas adventure with a great story, stunning choreography, and many holiday miracles.

The science club prepared an interactive quest to solve a Christmas puzzle and uncover magical mysteries of surprising gifts.

Kids also enjoyed a fun quiz dedicated to their favourite cartoons and movies. That was a great chance to showcase their knowledge and discover a lot of new titles!

Last but not least, what is Christmas without Santa and gifts? All STUDY.UA students met good old Santa, got some tasty sweet surprises and also received a unique backpack with crafting kits, including colored pencils, markers, paper, glue, and more tools from BRO and Social Club to improve creativity and have fun. 

The culmination of the evening was a lively dance party that gathered all kids to joy the holiday vibes and celebrate good times! 

BrainRocket and BRO Social Club will continue to help the STUDY.UA project and care for Ukrainian kids. We already plan how to create more bright moments for them, so stay tuned to be the first who knows what will be next.