On December 5th, over 20 BrainRocket employees headed to Paphos, where they joined 2,000 other runners at the start of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon.

The Cyprus Marathon is sponsored by the multinational company Logicom, its exclusive partner ever since 2015. The event has become acclaimed over the years, with participants looking forward to it annually, and when joining for the first time, they always want to come back again the following year.

The distances that our employees have covered were 40 km, 21 km, 10 km, and 5 km, despite the unexpected rain that made the race harder to finish. Every runner has received a medal as a reward for choosing to take up an active lifestyle and convey the message of the exercise benefits.

The event has enabled BrainRocket employees to switch tactics, adjust the pace, and prepare for the primary goal, which are all skills they can use in business too. Such activities form our teammates into better business drivers, which, in turn, can have a positive impact on the global success of the company.