BrainRocket is collaborating with STUDY.UA to organize a charity project to provide Ukrainian children with a year of subsidized education in Limassol, Cyprus. 

BrainRocket understands that education is a basic human right so they are eager to contribute to this cause. This initiative was thought up as a means to enable children to continue their education in Cyprus, irrespective of the war occurring in their home country. 

BrainRocket will allocate 50 grants in order to help further the education of Ukrainian children who were forced to leave Ukraine. These children will be able to receive quality education, both in Ukrainian and English at the STUDY.UA Lyceum in Limassol. 

In this new initiative, BrainRocket is being proactive and covering 85% of the cost of this program, which would have otherwise come at a great cost to parents, financially. Every child will receive a grant for a year of study at the STUDY.UA Lyceum, starting in September 2022. Students will then be awarded a Ukrainian-style certificate upon its completion. 

This comprehensive program will ensure that the current events do not disrupt the schooling of these children and BrainRocket stands firmly behind this initiative.

Oksana Tsyhankova, COO at BrainRocket, stated: “For BrainRocket, this project has been a joy to work on as it has given us a chance to not only send a strong message about our support for Ukraine, but to also contribute in the education future generations, ensuring that their future looks brighter than ever.”

Study.UA’s academic director, Michael Garbe stated: “Opening the Lyceum in Cyprus, we sought to preserve the opportunity for Ukrainian students to continue education on the Ukrainian school program. We sought to create a comfortable community in which Ukrainian students will receive comprehensive support - both academic and psychological.

We want parents to have a choice after a year of study - to provide education for their children abroad or to return to school in Ukraine. One way or another, our students will gain excellent language and academic preparation, as well as they will have a complete set of documents.”

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