BrainRocket has launched its brand-new platform, including detailed coverage of improvements wrapping the whole range of its services!

The new platform was designed to support the company’s aggregation abilities regarding security conditions, fault tolerance, and personal data safety.

It is verified by certifications of conformity called ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS V 3.2.1 and has undergone multiple platform testings by self-dependent laboratories BMM Testlabs, HackerOne, and BSG Tech.

We have integrated the latest technologies into the platform’s architecture, boosting the strength and rate of processing client demands and supplying them with an improved by-product that presents more high-quality content.

Then, there is the effortless ease of support with multiple monitoring services and logs of all types. In addition, two different statistical solutions run in parallel.

Another ideal platform feature is the efficiency of application deployment and implementation of the latest technologies.

Last but not least, the platform can distribute and map business processes between application modules, as microservices are everywhere.

Besides, the modern platform expands integration opportunities with diverse systems, including providers, social networks, and mobile applications.

The software and platforms that BrainRocket tech teams use to do their jobs and deliver top-notch experiences for the customers are critical to its success.

While there was a lot of consideration before changing, we are certain that the new one will streamline all the processes for our IT teams so that we can provide even better services for our customers!