Our BROs banded together to offer support to a cause that is close to our hearts. Our staff contributed to a dog shelter in Cyprus called William’s Safe Shelter House, by volunteering our time and resources. 

We know that the health of these dogs is a top priority and that the volunteers spend a substantial amount of resources keeping them healthy. So BrainRocket staff donated €3,000 to cover veterinary expenses.

We also offered our time to the shelter; helping clean out the dog cages and kennels, helping with grooming the dogs, taking pictures of those that were up for adoption, providing support when it comes to the management of the shelter’s social media, and much more. 

BrainRocket also organized a Shelter Charity walk with the dogs, where our employees brought lots of items to help the shelter. These include food, collars, medicines etc.

We would like to thank everyone for coming to the event and for donating. We would strongly recommend coming over helping out at the shelter. We very much look forward to continuing to support this shelter.