BrainRocket always pulls out all the stops to create a fun and welcoming environment for our employees. So much so that we are going all out with new and exciting benefits for our BROs and their families to enjoy. Check these out:

1. Relocation Support - BrainRocket has been responsible for relocating over 400 employees to Cyprus and we have offered each employee all the assistance they need. This includes advice and support with things ranging from tickets to medical refunds. We even provide accommodation for staff that are relocating for the first time.

2. A Newly Renovated Office - Our BROs can take advantage of our new and improved Limassol office which has recently been renovated to perfection.

3. A Fantastic Social Club - This is our employee-focused social club that is aimed at promoting a healthy and positive work environment through its many services and activities on offer. Its emphasis is on four main areas: Sport, Pets, Kids and Family. 

It provides gym, Zumba and yoga classes, as well as stretching group exercise courses. For kids, there is a Kids Room, Kids Dance classes, BROLLywood acting school for older kids, a Teen Zone, an area for cooking lessons, a snack bar and more. 

For family fun, the club offers movie nights, quad bikes trips, hiking adventures, marathons and much more. Our club also provides a groomer and veterinarian that deliver quality medical treatment to our employees’ beloved pets. 

4. Several Discounts - BrainRocket partners up with numerous companies that offer employees many discounts.

5. Office Meals - We offer our BROs two meals each day at the office, including breakfast and lunch, in which they get to choose from an array of delicious food from the menu. There is also a constant supply of ​​fruit, coffee and sweets at all times.

6. Great Health Insurance - Employees will be enrolled in the local health system known as GHS/ GESY. Once registered in this system, they can access a general practitioner (GP) and get healthcare for free. This also covers medical care including for chronic, rare, and severe illnesses. 

The outcome of these employee benefits is always rewarding for them, as well as for the company as itself, as staff is able to connect and motivate one another like never before, creating a fantastic environment that makes working at BrainRocket fun.