BrainRocket, in line with its commitment to the environment, once again gathered its team for a day dedicated to cleaning up Pyrgos Village. This activity followed the company's successful clean-up event last year and set the stage for the future community eco-park that will feature a reservation for rescued animals, a cozy outside kids’ corner, an educational center, and a camping ground on the cleaned-up location. 

The day on 29th July started with BrainRocket providing all participants with the necessary cleaning equipment. It was immediately put to good use, as the team gathered 10 trucks worth of plastic and glass garbage that was safely transported away.

As a symbol of unity and commitment, the team donned branded T-shirts. Many BROs proudly wore their T-shirts from last year's initiative, showcasing their ongoing dedication to the company's CSR efforts. 

After the clean-up, the evening transitioned into an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment, celebrating a rewarding CSR activity. The attendees enjoyed snacks, drinks, and danced the night away to the sounds of DJ Mix FM. An educational corner kept the younger participants engaged, ensuring the day was both informative and fun for all.

Julia Shishkova, External Projects Director at BrainRocket commented, “We at BrainRocket are consistently dedicated to the environment and improving Cyprus’ wellbeing. As a part of this community, we are committed to seeing it flourish. It’s heartwarming to see our team come together year after year, not just for cleaning but also to bond and have fun.