Employees are an integral piece of any business, so successfully taking care of the human resource aspect is extremely important.

The scope of the recruiting department, or as we call them ‘’Talent Sharks’‘, is an essential function in our company that attracts and chooses future leaders, studies organizational requirements, and gets the most out of our employees’ performance.

At BrainRocket, this department plays an essential role in developing our company’s strategy by enhancing employees’ perception throughout the workforce and providing a well-rounded experience for all.

This year, the team has delivered excellent results that have unlocked our business’ full productive potential.

In 2021, the Recruitment Department hired 628 employees, while the company has relocated 612 people to Cyprus.

When it comes to the primary resources used for searching for new talents, BrainRocket’s Recruiting department uses LinkedIn, the corporate website, personal networks, recommendations, and others.

The most in-demand vacancies for last year that have made it to our list are Front-end developers, Back-end developers, Project Managers, HTML/Markup developers, UX/UI & Product designers, QA, DevOps.

However, the tendency has more or less stayed the same this year, and the following professions are most in-demand: Back-end developers, Project Managers, Front-end developers, HTML/Markup developers DevOps.

BrainRocket knows that it is only as great as its people, and the Recruiting unit is in control of constructing and maintaining such a powerful team.