People are the spark of BrainRocket, and the company culture is an essential element of our general employee value hypothesis.

An excellent opportunity that significantly boosted BrainRocket's culture and gave the individuals a sense of union, increased employee commitment, and expanded productivity is introducing the Social Club.

The Social Club promotes not only team building. Yet, it is ideal for breaking the ice for new members, building up employee engagement, and setting up a delightful setting for the team to bond and strengthen ties.

At Social Club, we promote the improvement, unite you with like-minded characters and make sure you have a fine time.

That is the space where our employees and their family members can come to work out, drop their children off for preliminary activities, and have fun.

The comfortable area presents them with many recreation options while carrying out a supportive and compassionate task.

The BrainRocket Social Club offers a gym, Zumba, yoga, and stretching group exercise courses. For kids, there are The Kids Room and Kids Dance classes, BROLLywood acting school for older kids, a Teen Zone, a room for general gatherings and workshops/board games, an area for cooking lessons, and a snack bar.

A groomer and veterinarian can deliver a broad spectrum of services for cats and dogs. Then, the movie nights at the Social Club allow BROs to round up in the social area to watch a movie picked by popular vote.

Additionally, there is a computer lab, CrossFit, TRX and ABS hall, and a music studio. There were even two sports events that took place in the gym, the Cooper Test competition and the Bench Press competition. Moreover, the Social Club also has weekend family occasions. They take place once every two weeks on Saturday or Sunday.

BROs already enjoyed trips on quad bikes, dragon boats, Okroshka party, hiking, Santa's Christmas, Legion Run, Corporate Olympic Games, Marathon, Halloumi Barbeque Picnic, Orange Grove Picnic, and several beach parties. Also, wives gather and have fun taking part in arts masterclasses!

With this in mind, BrainRocket Social Club functions to cultivate a culture in the organization. By generating opportunities for our team to amplify their relationships, we've helped develop friendships, improve communication, and enhance engagement, among other benefits.

The outcomes are endurable and noticeable. Everyone – including BrainRocket – wins.