People all around Limassol started noticing indigo blue BMWs with electric green BRO logo. This is due to last week's presentation of corporate vehicles handed over to the team of BrainRocket. Company vehicles are one of the benefits for the individuals working in BrainRocket in the top and senior management positions. By providing staff with the most convenient ‘tool of the trade’ vehicle, they can do their job effectively and smoothly.

In addition, they strengthen the brand identity and awareness thanks to the logos added to the cars. Recently BrainRocket provided the company cars by BMW Group that stands as the world’s number one premium automotive manufacturer.There has been given close to 40 keys to the new lucky owners of the cars. BMW supplied BrainRocket with 118i, 318i, X1, X2, and X3 models from their premium collections.

Uri Poliavich, the founder of BrainRocket, noted:

''BrainRocket is proud to announce the partnership with BMW, a respected corporation of luxury vehicles. The deal will intensify and complement our current fringe benefits, all while proceeding to establish inventive approaches to partnerships that empower us to stay at the forefront of the industry.

This new addition of company car benefits - to establish a comfortable ambiance for our BRO-team in Cyprus. Hence, we encourage everyone to achieve their goals, showing good results and providing all the opportunities to reach internal promotion and build an IT career with us.''