Our courageous and stunning BRO women, today, we celebrate each one of you! All of you working tirelessly in the IT industry; all of you who are a part of the BRO Hub and continuously help the ones affected by war; all mothers protecting their children; and all women across the globe. You are the epitome of strength and bravery.

Today, we promote women’s rights and honor your achievements across all spheres. Of course, BrainRocket wished to congratulate you on the holiday differently, but now all forces are concentrated on helping those who need our immediate protection and aid. However, we cherish and appreciate every woman in our large BRO family! 

In addition to that, today, we also officially announce the launch of our BRO Charity Marathon! By sending funds, we all want to help with a specific cause, follow the results, make the process transparent and be sure that trustworthy sources will receive this support. 

For this reason, BRO employees teamed up and cooperated with each other to create BRO Charity Marathon, which is a fundraising campaign to support all those affected by the war in Ukraine.

A temporary account was opened with the help of Hellenic Bank, in no connections with the company, focusing exclusively on raising charitable funds. 

As a result of employee voting, the Special Committee, made up of 15 representatives, has been created, and will vote daily to send funds to selected applications:

1. assistance to close and distant relatives, and friends of our employees

2. assistance to the civilian population of Ukraine remaining in the combat zone

3. evacuation of the population from the combat zone

4. assistance in supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial communities with protective equipment/food

Employees of the entire company can replenish this account using the provided details. The collected funds will be coordinated by the company at the end of each week on BrainRocket’s social media pages.

If you would like to help Ukrainians in these tough and challenging circumstances, contact us for more information!