IT welcomes everyone with high motivation and a permanent thirst for self-development!

Meet Alex Palchikovskiy, BRO’s Front-End, and his recommendations for newbies on how to get to IT without any experience.

  1. Some initial professional education is desired. Get to the university, watch online courses like Codecademy, read books, follow social media pages with specialized content, subscribe to YouTube channels with front-end explained in practice. Study resources like Codepen, Awwwards, Refactoring, and MDN web docs.
  2. Networking is the key. Visit conferences and meetups to learn from the best and get to know the industry from the inside. Search for the nearest events in the Meetup App.
  3. Practice, practice, practice! Without putting your knowledge into action, you won’t master your skills. Create something and share it on your GitHub!
  4. Keep abreast of others’ success. Follow cool GitHub repositories and get inspired! One of the great examples is 30 seconds of code.
  5. Think bigger! Improve different skills and learn more IT fields. If you’re a front-end, don’t limit yourself with frameworks! Marketing, design, and business fundamentals will definitely come in handy.

Don't forget to check opened vacancies in IT Department, take your chance and welcome to our big BRO-team in Cyprus!