Through these challenging times, it is vital to keep our bodies, souls, and minds engaged. Whether you are unfamiliar with the brilliant concept of podcasts or simply exploring for a few extra recommendations within the PR industry, BrainRocket got you covered. Natalie Loshatynska, BrainRocket’s Senior PR Manager, has rounded up her top five PR favorites that you can listen to for free in the Podcasts app.

  • Women in PR - The podcast is about inspiring women of the PR industry that have embraced and polished it, shaping it into something better daily. It is all about famous coaches, authors, researchers, role models, managers who share their work and expertise within the sphere.
  • Coffee with a Journalist - A podcast that emphasizes candid conversations with well-known journalists. They include discussions of the journalists’ daily routine and tips for PR specialists on professional communication.
  • The Digiday Podcast - A weekly podcast covering popular stories and issues regarding media companies' publishers, platforms, brands, and companies as they shift to the digital era.
  • The Curly PR - A podcast that has been recently brought into the spotlight, led by a Ukrainian PR girl. She invites top-tier guests that share their valuable insight and experience when it comes to the world of PR.
  • TED Talks Daily - Each weekday brings you a different podcast where you can find inspiration to alter your viewpoint, learn something different, or even spark up your imagination. It is ideal for generating new ideas on distinct topics.

These PR podcasts are only some of the highlights so far, being a blend of extraordinary wisdom, remarkable personal works, and projects that serve up a fantastic time. So, make sure to give them a try because they go more into detail about an issue than your regular news source does.