BRO’s Product Designer, Khrystyna Spichak has shared with us her top 5 books to read she dearly enjoys.

For many of us, a large portion of our days is spent at work. We devote about one-third of our lives to working. That is why it is crucial to treat yourself in your free time. Finding something that inspires and relaxes you at the same time is vital.

These five books below will present you with that powerful design foundation - helping you think creatively and inspiring your next project.

If you’re looking for the best design and lifestyle books, look no further.

1. Design and Form by Johannes Itten

The book allows the readers to understand contrasts, texture, rhythm, and form. In addition, the writer describes the exercises he creates for his students to emphasize this.

2. The art of color by Johannes Itten

In this book, the world’s foremost color theorist examines two different approaches to understanding the art of color.

3. Donald Norman’s ‘’Design of everyday things’’

The book clarifies that design is more about function than beauty and that beauty should also have a function. Design is everywhere around us.

4. ‘’Authenticity’’ by Stephen Joseph

The book is mainly about self-development, along with finding and accepting your true identity. In addition, the writer covers the fact that we are all surrounded by frames that prevent us from revealing our strengths.

5. Maxim Ilyakhov’s ‘’Write, Shorten’’

It is an implemented example of how a text has a function and how to make this text clear and productive.