Following the invasion of Ukraine, there has been an enormous rise in donations sent to Ukraine from across the globe, with the BrainRocket team also joining the initiative.

Dealing with a humanitarian situation declining each day and following the call for help, our company has been making its contribution and donations to the country and its people since the launch of the emergency appeal.

BRO Charity Marathon has commenced on March 4th, which has raised funds for the affected. The employee donations to the foundation have been tripled by the company. It helped in sending over €50,000 to the volunteer organizations to purchase defense equipment, medicines, food, minibus for transportation, and helping people in need.

BrainRocket is raising money every day as we proceed to receive calls for assistance from employees who know those in the greatest need in Ukraine currently. BrainRocket volunteers have been acknowledging and helping with all requests for aid around-the-clock.

At the time, more than 150 people have already fled to Cyprus, including 30 children. Once they arrive, the company instantly delivers financial help to all the families. Also, we are enrolling the children in the Ukrainian online school in Limassol.

Only for the past week, over 320 applications and requests for relocations, medical help, shelter, visa assistance, and volunteer service were processed and distributed. Apart from that, over 200 Mykolayiv residents were transported to the Ukrainian border, as we still help to take care of the food distribution and pharmaceuticals to those who stayed in the city.

Meanwhile, our Social Club continues to gather humanitarian aid in the form of clothes and household items for humanitarian needs.

If you wish to join the initiative and help the people of Ukraine, reach out to us, and let's make a difference together!