BrainRocket is proud to announce that it has finished the vaccination course of its 150 employees on Friday, August 6th. The company could accomplish this thanks to its cooperation with the Cyprus Ministry of Health.

The health workers vaccinated the personnel with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, making BrainRocket the first Cyprus-based company to offer on-site vaccination. The action took place in the office building, in the Galactica Tower.

BrainRocket has remained united in its support of vaccination of the employees as a powerful means of ceasing the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, they observed the situation and collaborated with authorities to assure that the workers’ well-being and safety remained a priority.

The in-house vaccination was not only convenient for the staff, but it also decreased the risk of spreading the virus by avoiding the commute.

Hamza Afifi, BrainRocket’s PR Director, noted: ‘’The health and safety of our employees remain our foremost priority. We are facilitating complementary vaccination to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.’’
‘’Therefore, we send out our sheer gratitude to the Health Authorities for making this happen, as well as our employees who are taking part in the initiative. BrainRocket encourages other companies to take such action and help reduce the spread of the virus.’’, he continued.