Since the beginning, BrainRocket has always believed that a company is only as good as its core values and the goals it stands behind. The company has a strong foundation of ethics and is committed to continuously organising CSR initiatives centred around the environment and education in Cyprus. These projects have included numerous blood donations, the large-scale Limassol clean-up, the renovation of a new park as well as a media room, and much more.

In fact, as part of BrainRocket’s mission to invest in the Cypriot community, the company set off on a brand-new CSR initiative to build a tennis court that can be used by the public. This took months to complete and it is located in the Germasogeia area, available for all locals.

The company was keen on putting into practice the values it has around the environment, in order to make a real impact on the community. This is because having the opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle is key to a happy life, not only for our BROs but for the whole community. As a result, BrainRocket made the space not only functional but also stylish, building the entire court from scratch (net and field included) as well as painting it in the BRO colors of blue and green.

Its official opening will be held this Sunday, May 21st, at 10am, and the attendees include the Mayor of Yermasogia, the President of CSO, and the Sports Manager of Limassol Municipality.