BrainRocket, a Cyprus - based IT company, has pooled its resources together with other businesses in the region to aid the community in recovering from the wildfire outbreak.The blaze, which broke out in Cyprus on Saturday, is reported as the most serious in the country’s history. Unfortunately, vast areas of land are burned and numerous villages were evacuated.BrainRocket has donated €50,000, adding up to the overall contribution of €900,000 in hopes of Cyprus’ community recuperating and reconstructing as soon as possible.

The company is grateful to TechIsland for giving it an opportunity to be able to respond to this national crisis by creating the initiate that sprung into action to assist the relief efforts.

Uri Poliavich, the CEO of BrainRocket, stated: ‘’BrainRocket is heartened with the possibility to be able to react to the needs of individuals critically impacted by the wildfire. We are utilizing our resources to grant instant relief and recovery aid to those affected by this natural disaster.’We genuinely comprehend the impact of the destructive event, doing all we can to assist each other and support our community to rebuild.‘, he continued.