Do you also hate the start of January nearly as much as you adore the end of December? Then, you know that productivity after the holidays is hard to get back to, as the lack of work is easy to acclimate to in a flash.

The silver lining is that holidays are a fantastic productivity hack since they usually seem like a mental reset. Indeed, vacationing might be a wonderful method to replenish your productivity.

To encourage you to pass through the struggles of holiday blues, BrainRocket has gathered some tips for getting back into the work game.


Prioritize what’s urgent and what’s important

Plenty of urgent things are unimportant, and many important things are not urgent. Once you realize which tasks are important and which are urgent, you can be in control of the habit of focusing on unimportant urgent actions. That way, you can empty enough time to do what is necessary for your success.


Create a to-do list

A to-do list enables you to prioritize the more essential tasks, not losing time on ones that do not call for immediate actions. Include assignments that you can easily accomplish to feel organized and concentrate on making progress.Ticking things off the list, even minor tasks can make you feel positive.


Get back into your self-care routine

It is essential to get back to your self-care habits if you wish to have the energy needed to be productive. You can set a sleep schedule and create an eating plan that includes some balance. Start meditating and journaling again to encourage the de-stress process. If you want to bring the most satisfactory version of yourself back to work, first, you need to be the best version of yourself.

Explore productivity apps

You can always make the most of the extensive choice of applications specially developed to encourage people to improve productivity, keep up to date with their tasks and projects, comply with the deadlines and be more organized. For instance, apps such as Focus Booster and Evernote deserve to be tried out. 

Reward yourself

Every time you wind up a project or achieve a milestone, applaud yourself and give some praise. You can make a takeout dinner order, finish work earlier, go for a hike, and have a good time. Don't forget to award yourself regularly for performance nicely done.

As you may know, it will take some time to get your engine heated again, and that is completely fine. So, it is rational to begin gradually and make it right, then to begin suddenly and get disorganized and overpowered. Keep your cool, and you will turn into a productivity machine at your job.