BrainRocket enforces OKRs (Objective and Key Results) that benefit it through direction, transparency, and focus. In the company, OKRs provide more supportive communication through ritualized meeting occasions.

Apart from BrainRocket, other companies such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, BMW, and Disney enforce OKRs.

That method allows the company to integrate the team and individual goals and equip adequate control over completing tasks.

When it comes to successful goal-setting, the goals BrainRocket employees set are:

  • Ambitious, but at the same time - attainable. The challenge ensures going beyond and improving the skill and ability of the team. At the same time, the employees must be 100% sure that they will accomplish the goal.
  • Lead to new successes. There is no reason to continue doing the same thing. For example, “Designing an airplane that can fly” was an ambitious goal for the Wright brothers in 1990. “Design an airplane that can fly faster than the speed of sound” was an ambitious goal for Bell Aircraft in 1946.
  • Define the end state, not the direction. Our employees try to evade imprecise language such as “improve” and “simplify.” A transparent idea helps concentrate and illustrate specific steps to accomplish the goal.

In addition to that, a batch of metrics that BrainRocket uses to estimate progress towards a goal is:

  • Specific - The goal may be abstract, but the actual results should be clearly portrayed.
  • Easily measurable - Can exist both in digital and qualitative terms.
  • 100% achievable - There should be no transitional result, and the success of the development should head straight to the goal realization.
  • Limited in time - At the end of the assigned term, usually a quarter, the success or non-success of essential results is announced.

For instance, BrainRocket sets from 3 to 5 goals each quarter for the year. Each team establishes 3-5 goals that are coherent with the company’s goals. Together with their supervisors, employees select 3-5 goals that are harmonized with higher goals.

That is the primary benefit of the system. OKR is unique because it keeps the team in sync with the company goals so that every employee tries to carry out its strategy.

At BrainRocket, OKR execution allows all employees to comprehend their work goals and what the company anticipates from them.

Such a method makes it feasible for us to create business goals straightforward and reasonable for all, which eventually boosts the motivation and capability of teams.

At the same time, BrainRocket’s OKRs are not about money or authority but clarity, integrity, and understanding.