LinkedIn is the primary source our recruitment team uses to find talented IT professionals. In fact, around 30% of our 670 employees have been found via the platform. 

We want to improve your chances of getting noticed on this social media platform so our IT recruiter, Yevheniia Frolova will share her knowledge about the most important elements that our recruiters look for in LinkedIn profiles.

Hi, my name is Yevheniia, and today I will share some tips about attracting our recruiters' attention, including mine.

First of all, why do you need LinkedIn?

  • Stay up-to-date with the industry. Subscribe to your favorite companies or specialists to follow the latest updates and trends. This can be helpful when you are looking to keep your profile current.
  • Be active. It sounds pretty obvious, but it is better to like and comment on the target brand’s posts to attract more attention. Here is a good start — like this post!
  • Present your personal brand. Share your experiences and show your professional journey. This will make it far easier for recruiters to spot you.

How to create an attractive account?

  • Complete your profile with all the necessary information like current position, industry, education and about section.  
  • Use a professional and high-quality photo, and add a nice profile banner so your page looks complete.
  • Stay informative. Do not write too much but mention your previous roles, as well as your key responsibilities and achievements. 

Account details to pay attention to:


Show us more than just a company name and your position. Be thorough and describe the tasks you have completed as well as the responsibilities and challenges you have faced. Tell us about the technology and applications you deal with.


This section is not only for academic education. It is key to add all suitable workshops and courses you have completed. We certainly appreciate it!


Three is the magic number. It is important to list at three or more of your most valuable skills and these will act as keywords on LinkedIn, to attract our recruiters faster. This is one of the most vital parts of your account, so do not forget to ask colleagues to recommend you on your profile.

Follow these simple tips, and we will find you sooner rather than later. Want to be even more proactive? Check the BrainRocket career page and send us your CV. We would love to hear from you.