BrainRocket mobilizes its full forces to support Ukrainians fleeing the home country

The world was brought to a standstill a couple of days ago, while the situation in Ukraine is still evolving, along with harm to homes and other infrastructure in the country.

More than half a million people have left the land, and many more thousands are displaced from their homes within the country.

According to this, BrainRocket is actively supporting our employees within Ukraine and their families seeking safety elsewhere with medical and humanitarian aid.

To start with, BRO Headquarters have been established to communicate important information and constant updates on the situation.

Many volunteers have joined us and are currently dealing with various requests in dedicated Telegram groups concerning humanitarian aid, medicine, transfers, emotional support, transportation schedules, accommodation, shelter, food, visa support, and hotels.

At the moment, BRO Social Club is gathering humanitarian aid in the form of food, clothes, and other personal items to deliver to Ukraine with humanitarian flights.

In cooperation with other IT companies in Cyprus, BrainRocket will provide housing for over 1,800 Ukrainian refugees.

Moreover the company is introducing a BRO_Charity_Marathon to assemble contributions and funds donated from employees of the Company. On a weekly basis BrainRocket will double the funds gathered from the participants and send them to those in Ukraine who are in desperate need.

In addition to that, a BRO_FLY charter managed successfully to fly 150 individuals with their families from Romania to Cyprus.

Also, six families have already arrived in Cyprus and will receive their relocation allowance. When it comes to those who cannot return to Ukraine and are staying on the island, they will also be granted financial support.

More than 120 appeals for transfers, medical assistance, shelters, visa support, tickets booking have been handled for the last four days, with proper assistance provided.

BrainRocket has created a fundraiser to provide financial support for relocated families in Cyprus until they are officially employed. Additionally, food aid packages were purchased and provided to families in Mykolaiv city, with more funds for food aid being transferred. Last but not least, the Jewish community in Anatevka city near Kyiv is helping us transfer all people by bus to the Ukrainian border.

Every donation will make an impact, and this is just one of the methods those of us here in Cyprus can provide a helping hand to the people of Ukraine as they flee the war in their beloved home country.

With recent events, Ukrainian people require our help more than ever. Therefore, BrainRocket urges all other corporations and organizations to take part in such initiatives and support the people affected by the crisis.

Knowing that the country needs our immediate help, BrainRocket will provide as much practical aid as possible, starting immediately. But on top of everything, we also hope for peace and security in the coming days in Ukraine!