Career development is an important priority for BrainRocket as we believe it is the best reward the company can give its BROs who excel in their current roles and show real potential for growth. So BrainRocket’s Frontend Tech Team came together to organize a survey in the general chat of the department. Sixty employees responded that they were interested. 

The four mentors then prepared the course program and the training began. This consisted of two stages. The first stage was called Stage 0, and began on October 20, 2022 until December 31, 2022, consisting of independent study materials (video lectures and articles) and the completion of homework that was checked by the mentors. Twenty five students passed the first task in this stage and, out of those, eight successfully passed all the tasks on time, completing Stage 0. 

These were then transferred to Stage 1, beginning on January 21, 2023 until May 1, 2023, where the mentors conducted face-to-face lectures. A further six people passed the first part of this stage. Lastly, participants were asked to prepare a diploma project. Four participants agreed and during the preparation of this project, the supervisors consulted the students, offering their expertise and helping with the overall implementation. All four employees successfully completed the internal Frontend course!

The mentors plan to transfer the top finalist to the frontend department in June and the remaining three in Q3 of this year.

This was very successful for the company as it increased the technical expertise of the frontend, and also demonstrated to the employees that professional growth is truly possible at BrainRocket. Best of all, the company plans to hold similar initiatives in the near future, giving its BROs even more opportunity to level up in their career!