BRO_257 Anton Poliakovskyi, BrainRocket’s Head of QA, has shared some details on his work and projects at BrainRocket, as well as professional tips, and advice.

What are the primary responsibilities of the QA team at BrainRocket?

As quality is one of the major success factors, it’s imperative to be sure that the software that we deliver meets our quality standards, and agility required from delivery organizations is not lost because of the quality gates that we established. Thus, finding the balance between delivering things fast to keep up with our business and delivering software that stands out with its quality level is the primary responsibility of our department.

How difficult is it to coordinate the activities of the entire QA department?

Keeping in mind that we need to build the delivery organization that could scale rapidly to fulfill business needs, our strategy towards this goal is:

Structure RnD in such a way that it:

- Is capable of horizontal scaling.

- Comprises cross-functional teams that can work independently and are empowered to make decisions.

- Has clearly defined responsibility zones aligned with business priorities, input sources, and architectural specifics of our solution.

- “Understands” its needs in skills during the day-to-day activities and proactively engages new resources using assessment and performance evaluation schemes along with effective hiring.

- Involves succession planning - which is essentially our strategy to grow people into crucial business roles that inevitably will open up because of the development.

What is it like working in such a fast-paced, growing environment as BrainRocket?

Undoubtedly, an expeditiously growing environment is an unusual challenge, and here are tips that will help handle it:

- Be able to identify the current maturity level of the organization and more importantly, the people. There are many “correct” and well-known processes, tools, techniques that your organization does not require. Before implementing any change, always ask yourself: “What problem am I trying to solve?“. That would help you keep the focus on what is essential.

- Build teams around the leaders who reinforce the values of the company. In such a dynamic environment, it’s tough to measure the performance of all employees by formal processes or goal-setting techniques. For that reason, it is crucial to appoint key positions with people who have a passion for what they are doing and are mature enough to continue doing things right under challenging circumstances.

- During digital transformation, people are usually working more than they would in a well-established enterprise organization. Therefore, make sure they know why. It’s good to feel that you are producing something exceptional, so company values and mission should be communicated as widely as possible.

- Encouraging people is the key to success. It brings motivation, which in return brings significant results.

What advice would you give to people looking to succeed and advance their QA career?

No panacea can be used in every situation - each career path is unique and requires an individual approach, but in my opinion, high-level guidelines are:

- According to your level of awareness, plan a vision, strategy, and roadmap for your career. That would be one of the most challenging tasks you have done, but only having these things planned will give you a superpower to distinguish those that contribute to long-term success from those that don’t. Be straightforward and honest with yourself about what your goal and motivation along the way are. Don’t be afraid to review your vision and strategy as soon as circumstances or your level of awareness change. It is better to start all over again than to work towards the goal that has lost its relevance.

- Find a mentor. Remember that most successful people have had teachers along the way. Once you find such a person, don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn from them.

- Do not overwhelm yourself with information that you cannot apply straight away, as it is an enormous waste of energy.

- Building a career is a lifelong process, not a sprint, so keep your life/work balance straight and do not lose joy during the process. Only people who love what they are doing can succeed in this task.

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