1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your BrainRocket journey.

I have been a part of the BrainRocket family for a year and a half already. My role as a Technical PM has allowed professional and personal improvement within the company as an ongoing act of imposing my goals and values, developing my skills and qualities, and reaching my potential. At the moment, I am managing approximately 15 people in the department. In December 2020, I relocated to Cyprus with my wife, now living a happy life on the sunny island. In my free time, I enjoy all kinds of sports such as kitesurfing, wakeboarding, motorbike, BMX, and skateboarding. The beautiful thing about Cyprus is that you can relish many different activities, so I am utterly grateful to be here.

2. What are the PMO and the PM team working on at BrainRocket?

Brain Rocket Project Management department is involved in project portfolio coordination, status monitoring, roadmap preparation, release plan, artifact projects, communication with partners and customers, process construction, modern SDLC management practices implementation.

Project Managers oversee the platform development, the launch of new products, besides supporting the existing ones. Moreover, they manage teams that ensure the integration of payment and gaming providers, work on startups, and innovate and manage expansion into new markets. However, this is not the complete list of their duties. For instance, now I am involved with the integration of new markets as well.

3. What skills that you possess help you solve problems effectively?

Communication management is one of the most crucial skills in the work of a Project Manager. That is because such a role is principally revolving around organizing effective teamwork. Additionally, analytical thinking will allow you to structure and organize information in the most proper way. Then we have the leadership and mentoring skills I utilize to move myself and the team to the next level. Moreover, a good Project Manager should know the principles and, at least, have a higher level of understanding of the architecture of the software being developed. Last but not least, the individual should strive to constantly improve, learn new practices, and pick up innovative technical skills.

4. What would you say are the primary objectives of a PM?

Project Management is a role that requires strategizing, coordinating, motivating, and supervising the resources to accomplish individual project goals. The main aim of project management is to carry out project goals and objectives while keeping in mind the project capacity, time, quality, and cost.

5. At the moment there are some open vacancies in PM Office. What are the qualities you are looking for that your new teammate should have?

The ideal candidate should possess modern frameworks theory knowledge and proven experience in application. They should enjoy technology and programming. As for soft skills, the individual should be communicative and have strong leadership qualities. Additionally, there is a need for flexibility and proactively adapting to change in our dynamic department. Last but not least, the candidate should have a sense of humor and a positive attitude, as we are one big family that are not only colleagues but also friends!

Check the extensive list of the opened positions in BrainRocket www.brainrocket.com, send your CV to hr@brainrocket.com, and join the IT Hub of BRO in Cyprus.