BrainRocket is honored to share the insights from attending the innovative Reflect Festival in Limassol, Cyprus.

The event has presented the most contemporary solutions and the latest technologies created to help our businesses advance further.

Moreover, it served us entirely to recognize that we live in a world of rapidly developing technological advancements.

Never in the history of humanity have so many such improvements appeared in parallel, bringing so much impact to the IT world in Cyprus and globally.

BrainRocket is more than proud to be a part of the companies in Cyprus that are helping the island with its goal of becoming Silicon Valley, as Hamza Afifi, the PR director of BrainRocket, noted in his presentation.

He also touched on competition, stating: ''It’s normal, and it should be that way. As it happened with Messi and Ronaldo in football. They have always competed, but this has managed to make them better players at all times.”

Hamza's speech highlighted the importance of people as well. He added: "People are important. Not talents, but people who are working with passion, enjoying their roles, and the overall environment in the company and on the island. This is another rule of success of an influential company.''