Ilia Skorniakov, BrainRocket’s Tech Team Lead of the Content Department, has revealed particularities of his work and responsibilities, as well as what it is like to work in a company such as BrainRocket.

What is the role of the content department in BrainRocket?

The content department is an essential component for the development and ongoing support of a project. We work on comprehending the target customer and serving up content that will break through the clutter and make the intended lasting impression. Our responsibilities include supplying the project with texts, illustrations, images, and gamification features that appeal to customers who are looking for content that is engaging, immersive, relevant, and meaningful.

What are the strengths needed to be Tech Team Lead?

When it comes to being a technical lead, I would say that it is an excellent way to combine your enthusiasm for technology with your management skills. Some of the qualities needed include having experience in software development and profound knowledge of technology but also being easygoing and competent enough to adequately manage a team. Moreover, collaboration, strategic thinking, and networking/negotiation skills are just as needed for this role.

Does your role contain more teamwork or individual work?

Of course, teamwork. In my opinion, teamwork is a powerful tool for effectively achieving goals, besides the personal and professional growth of each employee who is a member of such a team. If you uphold teamwork at the epicenter of your work culture, the productivity levels will definitely be higher. As seen in our team, while working together, the employees are more dynamic and driven toward company objectives. The overall communication is better and thus reduces friction and setbacks. All this, in response, contributes to greater quality output.

Describe your typical working day at BrainRocket.

My typical workday starts with checking my email, after which we have a stand-up with the team. Generally, the stand-up is a brief session in which we set the context for the day’s work and tasks. After that, I go through the backlog of tasks, prioritizing and distributing them accordingly. If needed, I help out and guide other team members with their daily tasks.

How do you feel about the vision of a company such as BrainRocket?

BrainRocket is a company that concentrates on growth and establishes a more positive work environment for all employees. Each day, I feel encouraged to develop and progress within the company, as BrainRocket invests a lot in the improvement of its employees. In addition, I like that the strategy of personal growth is deeply reinforced and encouraged. Last but not least, your career growth definitely depends on your ambition. However, BrainRocket really strives to facilitate equal opportunities and chances for all.Each day, BrainRocket empowers its team’s potential. If you want to establish yourself in the IT industry, join us to identify and establish your best self. We are waiting for your CV at