The tech lead vs. team lead topic can be quite misleading, and to make matters even more puzzling, some companies use the terms synonymously. But BrainRocket is here to tell you the distinction between the two roles.

What Is a Tech Lead?

A tech lead is a person with management duties on a unit focused on the technical phases of software development. Generally, a tech lead is promoted from the position of a programmer.

What Are the Functions and Duties of a Tech Lead?

The tech lead makes decisions concerning programming languages, frameworks, and various other tools. They are also usually in charge of training developers on technical subjects, consisting of examining code and design.

What Is a Team Lead?

The team lead doesn't require a technical education, unlike a tech lead, as it is more of a supervisory position. A team lead doesn't write any code, and neither is involved in the essential pieces of the team's technical decisions.

What Are the Functions and Duties of a Team Lead?

Team leads set the team's environment and culture and deal with the team's productivity and capacity. They are liable for: assessing the development workflow, giving directions, improving the work conditions, handling conflicts, fostering good communication, etc.

Do they have some similarities?

It is essential to mention that both of these roles are often performed by one person only. However, it also depends on the size of the team, and if it is a rather small unit, one person can manage it smoothly.

What are the main differences between these two roles?

To wrap it up, tech lead and team lead are two distinct roles. They have dissimilar duties and call for diverse skill sets. While the tech lead is involved in technical matters, the team lead manages individuals and establishes that a project goes well.

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