Summer is in full-force and everyone loves a good vacation. It’s the planning part that may not be to everyone’s fancy. In fact, it can be pretty daunting; searching for affordable plane tickets, booking a hotel etc.

Thankfully, there are lots of applications available nowaday, that make the vacation planning process much easier. These apps can save you time and money as you do not need to contact a tour operator. 

BrainRocket came up with a list of the top 6 apps for vacation planning. These are the best apps out there, in our opinion, and they are quick and easy to download:

  • Skyscanner - an app that gives an opportunity to buy plane tickets and compare prices. This app is even available in around 30 different languages. 
  • - an app which allows you to book hotels, apartments, houses and so on. This app gives you an opportunity to book whatever you want which is available to you. 
  • - an app which will remind you about your tickets, when you need to go from home to the airport. This app will combine all information about your trip in one place. 
  • - a very comfortable offline app which can build routes between points without using the internet. Also this application gives information about food places,  different shops, transport and about other categories which you need. 
  • Tricount - an app where you can share the total expenses between your friends. App provides you with information about group expenses and also monitors individual spending. After vacation, the app can send info about how much money was spent by the participants. 
  • OpenTable - an app which helps you to book a place in any restaurant. With the help of a large number of settings, you can search all main information about the restaurant like the location, the average check, the reviews and much more.

All in all, each of these apps will help you plan your vacation, safely, comfortably and with ease.