The IT company Brain Rocket along with charity organization Yes to Life is supporting the modernization and development of an IT room of the public lyceum Agiou Neophytou in Paphos. The Cypriot school is recognized for its highly skilled and talented kids that regularly obtain first prizes in olympiads and city contests. The Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, and Youth has authorized the project, which has already commenced in cooperation with the School Committee of Paphos.​ ​

The original plan for the computer room of the lyceum has been devised and formulated in collaboration with Brain Rocket's architect and designer. The idea is, to start with the creation, setting up the air conditioning, redeveloping, renewing of the latest folding furniture computers, and other modernized technology for the students. According to the primary assessments, the realization of the project will take from 3 to 4 months, meaning that children could study in a modern furnished media room by the next school year.​ ​

Uri Poliavich, the founder of BrainRocket, stated: ‘’We believe that education is an opportunity for young people to enrichen their lives with knowledge. It is a pleasure for us to cooperate with lyceum Agiou Neophytou and thus, be able to build a greater environment for learning in Cyprus.’’​ ​

‘’Being a member of The Tech Island group, Brain Rocket understands how essential it is to invest in the development and education of scholars nowadays. We intend to resume the joint effort with other universities and schools, supporting various projects and initiatives in the education sphere.’’, Uri indicated.