Nowadays, people use technology more than ever to keep up to date with the latest events across the globe, communicate with family and friends, and occasionally fritter away the time. But, have you ever wondered which are the highest paying ones?

If so, this list will help you figure out your optimal IT career track. If you wish to know which IT roles are in the biggest demand, have the best earnings, and most excellent opportunities for improvement, stay with us.

BrainRocket has compiled a list of the ten most wanted IT roles to be your example. These vacancies will show the quickest improvement, pay wages above average, own best employment standards, and provide many development possibilities.

1. Software Developer - the innovative, brainstorming experts behind computer programs of all kinds.

2. Data Scientist - Big data handlers, collecting and evaluating extensive sets of structured and unstructured information.

3. IT Manager - accountable for the global execution of a company’s electronic networks.

4. IT Analyst - examines and fortifies a company’s IT, technical, and business demands.

5. Computer System Analyst - ensures that all computer systems within the company support organizational targets.

6. Computer Network Architect - forms and organizes data communication networks.

7. Database Administrator - creates and establishes systems to save and protect a range of data.

8. Web Developer - constructs and maintains websites but is also liable for their technical features.

9. Computer Systems Administrator - the first point of contact for the company’s network users when they encounter technical issues.

10. Computer Support Specialist - help-desk operators that generally give technical support to non-IT computer users.

With BrainRocket, you can be in one of these positions as well. We are a high-growth company, blending innovation, opportunities, and an energetic environment under one roof.

So, become a part of BrainRocket, and let’s elevate the IT world together!