BrainRocket, like plenty of IT companies, pays more attention not only to the IQ and hard skills of employees but also to EQ. Of course, technical knowledge is important, but without developing soft skills, they can be useless.

Imagine a cool sports bike. An experienced rider will drive it a perfect lap, but a beginner will probably go off the track and not reach the finish line. So, what do motorcycles and racers have to do with IQ and EQ? The cool sports bike is your IQ with all skills and experience in this example. Therefore, the rider is your EQ, or emotional intelligence, which helps allocate resources appropriately and communicate with other people.

What is EQ?

The term appeared in the early 90s and came into use thanks to the American psychologist Daniel Goleman. He wrote the book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. Goleman described the concept of EQ and explained how this quality affects a person’s success.

In short, EQ is a set of human skills and abilities to recognize emotions and understand the intentions and motivations of other people and their own. Thanks to EQ, a person works more productively, prioritizes, and improves his quality of living or project results.

Of course, hard skills are still essential for IT, but they must be complemented by developed emotional intelligence.

What does EQ include?

Daniel Goleman highlights five base elements of this skill in his book:

Self-awareness: the ability to understand your emotions and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your mind.
Empathy: the ability to recognize and understand other people’s points of view, desires, needs, and reactions.
Self-regulation: the skill of managing your impulses and emotions
Motivation: The ability to set and achieve goals.
Social Skills: Ability to communicate with others and build relationships.

Why is EQ important for IT?

BrainRocket is always about teamwork. The quality of projects firstly depends on the quality of team communication. In other words, if you are good at writing code or creating websites, this is not the main thing. It is much more important to stay in the project context and keep in touch with all the participants.

It is essential to give and get honest feedback, even if it’s not pleasant. It’s important to admit and fix mistakes as soon as possible by joint team forces. Finally, it’s so much easier to work with good friendly vibes and relations in a team. It’s a secret of all AAA-quality projects.