Having a high-functioning team is a key component of every business, regardless of which field a company operates in. That’s why we’ve listed 7 important tips to keep in mind when working in a team:

1. Team Structure

A key to building a great team is filling it with the right people who will coordinate with each other based on their respective strengths. In every team, there must be a strong sense of structure so each person knows what they need to do.
Through their experience, the leader is the person who has the knowledge-base to be able to deal with and overcome challenges and problems. Leaders often have a second-in-command who acts as a trusted advisor and can step in and be a leader when needed.
Last but not least, a leader is nothing without a team. The remaining group members are those who trust in the goals of the team. They want to grow and do their best. Speaking of goals, this leads perfectly to the next section.

2. Assigning Team Goals

It is key to give a team direction, so they can work well individually, and as a team. So it is important to understand when to delegate tasks to individual team members and when to rope in all members together on group tasks. For the day-to-day, a leader needs to assign tasks and projects to each member.
When one is looking for new, innovative ideas, gathering the team together and discussing different ideas is key. This approach will help your company to stay ahead of the game.

3. Time management

Time management is crucial for a team. Project managers, for example, must be able to set manageable goals for their team and keep others on track to meet their deadlines. Each person needs to take their workload seriously and avoid lagging behind so they do not hinder the whole team.

4. Commitment

Commitment to the purpose and values of an organization also provides a clear sense of direction. This sets the foundation in all groups, enabling them to work as one. The team’s ground rules are set with consideration for both company and individual values. Individuals become willing to put aside personal needs for the benefit of the work team or the company.

5. Respect

Friendly communication is much more likely to happen when individuals know and respect one another. Team members show caring by asking about each other’s lives outside of work, respecting individual differences, joking, and generally making all feel welcome.

6. Communication

There’s no doubt that effective communication is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of every team. In order for a work group to reach its full potential, members must be able to express themselves freely.This includes saying what they think, asking for help, sharing new or unpopular ideas, and risking making some mistakes. This can only happen in an atmosphere where team members trust one another, and focus on finding solutions.

7. Conflict Management

Each and every team will experience conflict or tension at one time or another. Work teams manage conflict better when each member learns to adopt the other’s mindset about conflict in general, about other parties involved, and about their own ability to manage conflict.
However, a team may not always be able to address and tackle conflict well. In this case, there must be capable leaders to help teams manage this effectively.Speaking of teams, we have a great one at BrainRocket. Want to learn more?

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